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Well here we are, Once again a new build has been leaked which means it is time to write up a new guide!  There are many changes in this build which will be outlined as well as new tweaks.  So let’s get to it!


Longhorn System Requirements

·        600 MHz Processor or higher recommended

·        256 MB RAM or higher

·        At least 3 GB free hard disk space


Changes Over Build 4015

·        New welcome screen design

·        Image previews when hovering over an image file

·        Setup has been somewhat improved yet again

·        New sidebar clock design

·        Messenger Tile and People tile added (Works with Windows Messenger 5)

·        Hardware and Devices now displayed in a cool “carousel view”

·        Explorer and Preview pane tweaked a bit and now somewhat faster

·        Internet Explorer now sports a popup blocker

·        The download manager now works somewhat, more on this later


Setup Questions


Q: Why does setup ask very few questions?

A: Microsoft has just recently (in build 4008) implemented the Win PE install routine.  As they improve this system, the traditional setup questions will return.


The Infamous Explorer Memory Leak

Everyone remember the memory leak in explorer.exe that plagued 4015 and made it virtually unusable?  Well the good news is that its not nearly as bad in 4029.  And the even better news is that there is a program that can keep explorers memory usage down and make the leak a non-issue.

·        Download 4015/4029 Memory leak fix HERE.



Here’s where the fun begins.  4029 brings a lot of new things to be tweaked so here we go!


Uninstalling un-needed components:

·        First open C:\Windows\Inf\Sysoc.inf

·        Then delete all instances of the word HIDE and save.


Now navigate to Add/Remove Programs in the control panel

Go to Add/Remove Windows Components


Uninstall the following:

·        %mygames_desc%

·        %mfDesc%

·        %TabletPCRuntime_desc%

·        Help and Support

·        Help File Cabinet

·        MSN Explorer

·        Windows Future Storage Services

·        Windows Storage Full-text Index


NOTE: If you uninstall Windows Future Storage Services Outlook Express will not work as it depends on WinFS now.


Disabling Unnecessary Services:

Go to Start à Run and type services.msc

Now set the following services to DISABLED


·        Automatic updates

·        Castle Service

·        Error Reporting Service

·        Fast User Switching

·        Font Cache Service

·        Fusion Isolation Service

·        Help And Support (optional)

·        NS$Shellsubscription

·        System Restore Service

·        WinFSSync


Performance Options:

Now go to My Computer properties à Advanced Tab à under performance options hit settings.


Uncheck the following:

·        Animate Windows when Minimizing and Maximizing

·        Fade or slide menus into view

·        Fade or slide tool tips into view

·        Fade out menu items after clicking

·        Show preview and filters in folders

·        Show shadows under menus

·        Show translucent selection rectangle

·        Show window contents while dragging

·        Slide open combo boxes

·        Slide taskbar buttons

·        Smooth edges of screen fonts

·        Smooth-scroll list boxes

·        Use a background image for each folder type


Now open My Computer and go to Tools à Folder Options and click View Tab


·        Automatically search for network folders and printers – UNCHECK

·        Choose smart icon size when opening new windows – UNCHECK

·        Display file size information in folder tips – UNCHECK

·        Display simple folder view in explorer’s folder list – UNCHECK

Hidden Files and Folders:

·        Show Hidden Files and Folders – CHECK

·        Hide extensions for known file types – UNCHECK

·        Use Domain folder sharing wizard – UNCHECK

·        Use simple File sharing – UNCHECK


Components of the Sidebar

By default, the Longhorn sidebar has 3 things on it; the Clock, Search, and the Quick Launch tiles. Here is how to add/remove more tiles:

Right click anywhere on the sidebar.
Click the title of the feature you wish to have on the sidebar. These include:

·        The infamous Longhorn Analog Clock (Real Name: Clock)

·        Messenger Status Tile (Real Name: Messenger)

·        People – Displays MSN Messenger Contacts on the sidebar

·        Your most frequently used applications (Real Name: Most Frequent Apps)

·        Search – Lets you search, Duh

·        Quick Launch – Self explanatory

·        Slide Show – Slide show of the pictures in the My Pictures directory

·        A tile that displays your user name and selected picture (Real Name: User)

·        Tray Icons (Real Name: Classic Tray)


·        Sync – I assume this allows syncing with PDA’s and devices of that sort


Longhorn Download Manager


The download manager that we have seen traces of in previous builds of longhorn now works and is integrated with Internet Explorer.  Although it is a tad buggy (it doesn’t flush the history by itself so the list gets long if you don’t delete it, you’ll see what I mean) it does seem to work nicely.  It allows you to pause downloads and resume them.  Its about time MS gave IE a native resume feature J.



So you guys wanted the screenshots and I did promise them so here they are!  J  These screenshots are of an already tweaked longhorn (so you know what it will look like after you complete the guide)

·        My Computer & Winver Screen

·        Hardware And Devices “carousel view”

·        IE Popup Blocker

·        IE Version

·        System Properties


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